Participation in the Connection Circle helps teachers develop the skills and pedagogical insights they need to teach, work and learn in the digital age.  It teaches them responsible use of technology to engage students, improve learning by design, enrich professional practice and become a positive model for students, colleagues and the community.

Technology & Innovation in Education (TIE) is a professional development resource which assists and empowers educational communities to respond productively and responsibly in a networked global society.  TIE will help to guide teachers, school administrators and communities as they bridge the communication chasms that separate them from each other and the digitally connected world.  The organization curates lesson resources, provides instruction for the best uses of digital tools and provides customized support on the best pedagogical strategies to support learning. TIE’s professional development program incorporates current technologies with traditional strategies to provide participants with experiences focused on their current practice, meeting learners where they are and taking them to where they want to be.

“When we…customize the structures that support learning we alter TIME and SPACE constraints and remove more barriers that allow us to reach the ideal learning experience. To customize we must replace the weight bearing walls of the old industrial-based system with new supports that are consistent with what we know about learning. We must put pressure on the system, we must reimagine courses and curricula, we must gain new skills in pedagogy to support the new schema and we must change our mindset about the capabilities and possibilities of the learners we serve.” – Excerpt from, “Some Thoughts About the Definition of Customized Learning….,” TIE Customized Learning website

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