Reflection textTo increase the instructional capacity of teachers, participants in the Reflection Circle are introduced to the standards for accomplished teaching from the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards.  The National Board advances the quality of teaching and learning by maintaining high and rigorous standards for what accomplished teachers should know and be able to do and by providing a national system for certifying teachers who meet these standards. Research has demonstrated that students of teachers meeting the National Board Standards gain one to two months of additional learning each year.  This can have a powerful equalizing effect for students who have historically struggled to meet the achievement levels of their non-Native peers.

National Board Standards have been created in 25 certificate areas so that teachers can study in the content area and age group that is most applicable to their work.  Study of the standards allows educators to develop the habits of mind and a common vocabulary that is proven to help teachers increase student learning. The ATLAS case library provides participants with real life examples of accomplished teaching in a wide range of settings. In this Circle, teachers will benefit from Board-certified mentors who will guide them through studies of the standards using the four components of Board Certification as touchstones.

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